Rock and Roll All Night and YOGA Every Day!

A Sequence For Surviving an All-Day Rock Festival

A few weeks back, I attended the Sing Out Loud Music Festival in St. Augustine. This was a weekend showcase of great music all over the city. My husband and I went for two days, mainly to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.  It was a brutally hot weekend, with most of the shows outside in the heat of late September.  (If you live in Florida, you know how hot it can be this time of year!) 

Wanting to get a spot right up front at center stage, my husband and I decided to get to the venue early and camp out until the show began. Standing in the same spot for hours in the heat was challenging, albeit worth it in the end to see such great bands perform live right in front of you. This inspired me to come up with a yoga sequence that would help with all the standing in one spot for hours on end.  See the sequence below and let me know our thoughts!

Ankle Circles: 

Lift one foot and roll out the ankle. Take the circles in both directions. Repeat on the other side. I did this throughout the entire two days of standing. It helped alleviate the strain placed with having the feet in a continuously flexed position.  

Top of Foot Stretch:

Place one foot behind you, top of the foot facing down to stretch out the neck of the foot and toes. Take some circles here with the foot and ankle. Lift up from the abdomen. Take the circles in both directions. Maintain a neutral spine, and prevent overarching in the low back. Repeat other side.

Calf Stretch:

Bring the right foot in front of you. If you have a wall or stage in front of you, place your hands on the wall or the stage. If not, hands can be placed on the hips. Bend your right knee, and then lift the left heel on your back foot. Breathe, and descend the left heel towards the ground. This stretch will release the Achilles’ tendon, as well as the gastrocnemius (calf muscle), which can become tight with lots of standing. Repeat lifting and lowering the back heel for 5 to 6 breaths, then switch sides.

Toe Stretch:

Lastly, bring the feet parallel and hip-distance apart from one another. Place hands on hip for balance and support. Focusing on lifting from the pit of the abdomen, inhale and lift your heels, balancing on the toes. Lengthen the spine by extending through crown of the head as you breathe. 3 to 5 breaths. As you’re ready, slowly lower the heels and shake out the legs and/or roll the ankles.  This can be repeated a few times as needed.

After the Show:

Once you get back home or to the hotel, end the evening with legs up the wall (Viparita Karani). Another option is to lie comfortably on the floor, and drape your legs up on the couch or bed (if it’s low enough). Take 10 to 20 breaths while your body resets and rejuvenates. Either of these options is good to do after lots of standing and rocking out!